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12th July 2017
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14th July 2017

Enjoying Your Garden with the Family This Summer

It’s that time of year again! School summer holidays are here. For those of us with a garden, we have a really simple way of getting the kids out for some fresh air, a place to play and a way to enjoy the nice weather without the organisation and effort required to get out of the house every day throughout the summer break. As you enjoy the weather (when it’s here) and outdoors, here are a few tips on how you can mix things up and enjoy your garden this summer…

  1. Host a garden party

A garden party is a great way to bring everyone together, whether it is extended family, friends or neighbors! You can throw an extravagant party for a celebration or just for a fancier get together, or you can keep it casual and host a potluck garden party where everyone pitches in with food and some pressure is taken off the hosts. It’s a great way to socialize with adults, and have the kids play with some friends- plus the children can get involved in the cooking, or making some decorations before the guests arrive.

  1. Gather around the table to eats outdoors with the whole familya plate with 4 open sandwiches with lettuce cheese and tomato on

Eating outside all together is wonderful to both enjoy the fresh air and one another’s company. If you don’t fancy dinner outside, what about a nice glass of wine or cup of tea once the kids are in bed. It’s a great space to unwind and just enjoy. To ensure you are truly comfortable in your space, I highly recommend investing in some nice, comfortable outdoor furniture, which is often the most neglected furniture in the home but makes a massive difference and encourages all the family to spend more time outside. The current trend for beautiful Italian garden furniture, such as that offered by Unopiu, seems only to be becoming more popular as quality garden chairs and tables are finally coming into focus. As long as the furniture is inviting and comfortable, the family will surely nestle in! You can even bring some comfort from indoors outside with a garden sofa and a warm blanket why not snuggle together and watch a movie.

  1. Refresh your window boxes

Your window boxes are definitely a very visible part of your garden, so refreshing them is a great activity that you can enjoy solo or turn into an activity with the kids. Add some color with lavender or geranium. Or if you have a partly shaded space, why not beautiful Begonia. Gardening may seem like a lot of work, but it can be a great way for the kids to get their hands dirty, and not all plants and flowers require a huge amount of upkeep.

  1. Set up a hammockhammock hung up with white trainers hanging out and grass and trees in the background

A hammock makes for the perfect reading nook, nap spot or just a relaxation space. If you have two sturdy trees in your backyard you can hang one up there, between other sturdy structures, or simply invest in a hammock that comes with its own frame.

  1. Learn something new while enjoying the fresh air
Summer is a wonderful time to reset and set aside time for something you’ve always wanted to do, but never felt that you had the time to do it. Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Or have you and your partner wanted to start up yoga? Or perhaps your kids want to learn a new game? Your garden is the perfect space to do just that! You could also set up a nature hunt for the kids, just printout pictures of insects, leaves or other items (e.g. something pink, something heavy etc…) for them to find in the garden and check off their list.
a string of bunting in green and yellow with blue sky above and trees behindOf course, a garden is not always going to be a good alternative to going out for the day, but it is a really nice way of getting some rest whilst making sure the kids are having fun and are safe.
What are your plans this summer?
This post is in collaboration with Emily J.


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