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4th June 2016
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4th June 2016

Easter Bunny: Childhood Magic or Bitter Disappointment!

Here we are again, welcome back to my weekly blog post from here at The Baby & Toddler Show. This week, we are celebrating Easter, so what better topic than to look at the effect that characters such as the Easter Bunny can have on our children…

Has anyone else seen that film ‘Rise of the Guardians’? Despite the fact that it is not Disney (Looooovvveeee Disney) it is one of my absolute favorite animated films. Shall I tell you why? Okay, as you insist… because despite the fact that I am in my thirties (just I might add!!) I still adore the idea of believing in magic and my amazing childhood heroes; Father Christmas (hilarious as a Russian Mafia Style Character), The Tooth Fairy (How Gorgeous? If slightly gross), The Sandman (Sandy – who is super loveable), Jack Frost (who is kind of good looking for an animated child!!) and of course The Easter Bunny – who in fact is Australian and a lot tougher than what I’d imagined until of course he turns into a cute fluffy bunny for a bit!

 So, why am I wittering on about supposedly imaginary characters that roamed through all our childhoods? Well, as Easter was approaching, I was thinking about what to get for Alyssa and despite the fact she is less than a year old, was thinking about how magical it will be when she is old enough to understand about all these magical creatures! I was the same at Christmas and even though she obviously cannot read I still signed a few presents ‘Love Santa!’ There is a debate amongst parents as to whether or not it is right to encourage such fantasy and make-believe or whether we are in fact setting our children up for disappointment…?

Well, to all you non-believers out there I have one thing to say… Pooh Pooh! What is the harm?? No matter how old I get, I have never lost the magic or excitement that surrounds every holiday. I still sneak down in the early hours of Christmas morning to have the first look at all the presents yet to be

unwrapped, despite being one of the people to now lay them out – there is still something so special about that still and quiet moment. For me Easter is exactly the same and I will be first in line to encourage my daughter to believe in the magic that is the Easter Bunny.

So what am I going to do to help feed her imagination as she grows…? Well for Easter it can never hurt to indulge in a little fancy dress can it? The lovely people over at Smiffy’s sent me this fabulous Bunny costume from their amazing Easter range which is sure to get Alyssa and her cousin Rowan chuckling away on Easter Sunday! If you don’t fancy being a bunny they have such a huge choice over on their site (click here to visit) that you are sure to find something you like not just for Easter but any fancy dress occasion – come on, who doesn’t love fancy dress?!?! The costume comes really well packed – I was a bit nervous about sizing but I needn’t have been because it was very comfortable and generous unlike some and came in a range of sizes!

As we do every year, we shall be indulging in an Easter egg hunt too which we claim every year is for the children but despite hiding them the adults have just as much fun joining in too – and we forget where we’ve put the damn things?! I once found one still in foil several weeks later… I assure you I binned it rather than ate it! Remember though, you don’t have to go nuts with the chocolate and sweets over Easter – save the chocolate giving for the Easter Bunny and in the days leading up to the big day, do some arts and crafts with the children and decorate some egg shells or balloons to use in the hunt or maybe even an Easter bonnet too.

So what do we reckon to the Easter Bunny – Childhood friend or foe? Well, to me he along with all the other heroes of my childhood will remain just that… magical heroes who I still cherish and keep alive in my heart and look forward to sharing with my darling daughter and watching her face come alive and eyes light up with the magic of it all!

 What will you be doing with your little ones?!

If you fancy checking out what outfits and other fancy dress items Smiffys has to offer you can visit their website here or visit them on Twitter and Facebook … be sure to share pictures if you do!

**Smiffys provided me with a costume free of charge for the purposes of a review. All opinions are honest and my own **


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