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30th April 2018
Welcome to #ABloggingGoodTime Week 91
3rd May 2018
I don’t think I have actually spoken much about what poor condition my body feels like it’s in sometimes. Yes, a large part of this will be because being overweight has put it’s strain on it and other reasons include, I’m appalled to say, that I am getting older so I do have general wear and tear and I have had a few accidents over the years which have contributed to a lot of aches and pains. The most recent of which was a frozen shoulder with a trapped nerve or two meaning that I had huge surges of pain running through my face, down my neck and down my whole right hand side. Not fun. Pain killers (super strong from the doc) didn’t touch it. Fortunately I have an amazing physio ( Dorchester Physiotherapy in Poundbury in case you need one) but I also need a way to maintain pain control in between appointments and when other bits and pieces play up. So, when Naipo asked me if I’d like to review their  Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Chair Seat Cushion with Heat Rolling Kneading Vibration for Pin-Point Back Neck I was like, uhhhh yes please!

So, to give you a little back ground, I have an ongoing lower back problem due to a slip and fall when I was 18 and landing badly. I also have a problem with the muscles in my ribs – I cannot have anyone touching my ribs because they are that tender! Then most recently is the frozen shoulder and trapped nerves in my right shoulder and neck and this was due to motherhood and carrying and rocking Alyssa to sleep for hours on end when she was probably a little too big for this. These are just the major issues but the ones that need the major focus. 

As I said, I have a great Physiotherapist but as a single mother I don’t have a huge amount of money and often have to pick the times when injuries are really bad to have an appointment so the Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu massager chair is perfect for in between!

Firstly it does come with both a plug power pack and also a car adapter which you can plug into the cigarette lighter port. I WOULD NOT advise you to use this whilst driving and only when you are a passenger as although it is helpful and relaxing it would be way too distracting to be used whilst driving. However, if you are on a long journey and aching, then stop for a break and plug it in and ease the pain no problem.

So, all you do is simply un-fold it and pop it in a chair. If you are a little shorter, you may want to pop a cushion under your bum – however if you do this then obviously you won’t feel anything from the heat pad. 

I have several favourite functions of this massager – I absolutely love the neck massager. If you hold the button up/down you can move the massage points to where you want it and then turn on. My advice is to sit up as straight as you can then it is much easier for it to do it’s job. I love having this on with the heat – it really relives my neck pain. I have it either at the bottom of my neck onto my shoulders or at the very top to ease my tension head aches.

The back massager like the neck can be positioned where you like. You can use the standard lower or upper back settings or move the target area buttons to get it to exactly where you want. This was useful for me as obviously I needed to avoid certain parts of my ribs as they need to be gently worked on. Again, adding in the heat is a nice touch and helps loosen your muscles quicker. Don’t fight against the massagers – make sure you allow your body to move with them.

In the base of the seat you can turn on vibration as well as heat which I find really helps with my hips which are also a little out of place as well.

Overall, this Massage Chair is actually a godsend because on days where my back twinges and feels like I can’t move, this really loosens me up and gets me moving. It times out after 15 minutes just in case you fall asleep you are so relaxed. You CANNOT adjust the pressure and it is quite strong, so if you usually have a light massage this isn’t for you. However, if you like it strong massage that gets right in there then this is for you. The only problem I had was that the instructions for the remote weren’t very clear but I used this Youtube tutorial to help me figure it out and once you know it is pretty self-explanatory! Totally worth the money at £59.99 and I’d definitely recommend it. This is also great for anyone with arthritis and fibromyalgia as my mum suffers from both and is constantly nicking my Naipo massager – need another one now!!

You can buy this Naipo Massager here.

*We were sent the massager in exchange for a review – all opinions are our own.

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