She Won’t Let Me Read
8th March 2017
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#ABloggingGooodTime Week 39
8th March 2017
In the first three days of Alyssa’s life I took over 200 photos… 200!! In the almost two years since, I have thousands upon thousands of photos of my little one documenting everything and anything because I didn’t want to miss a thing and I want to remember everything. I share a lot of these images with all of you, my readers who are also sharing Alyssa’s journey with me and watching her grow up into the gorgeous, independent and mischievous little monkey that she is whether that be here on the blog or over on Instagram. I have each and every image saved in about 5 different places to ensure they are never ever lost. However, after her first month of life and also after having done her professional new born shoot, I realised that there was something I wasn’t doing. Something I was missing out on…

I realised that I couldn’t see them. I could sit there and scroll through my phone or computer and look at them but I couldn’t just glance at them as I happened to pass when doing something round the house could I? They were all just digital code, stored in a digital space and really they deserved to be so much more than that. So I began a little ritual that I still do now almost two years on.


At the end of each month, I pick out some of my favourite pictures from that month and I go onto a printing website like and I get them printed off in varying sizes and sent to me. Some of them go in frames, some go in photo albums and some go in a scrapbook that I keep adding to for Alyssa. It is so nice to have a physical copy of these memories and I think people often forget to do this which is such a huge shame.

alyssa sat on top of a tree stump in pink wellies a pink woolen coat a pink knitted hat with two pompoms on and pink and blue striped tights

I have also had a couple put onto canvas too – although those ones are the professional photos I have had taken of Alyssa because I have also given these as gifts to people. If like me you take lots of photos of your family and little ones then don’t hide the memories away. Have them out so both you, the rest of your family and visitors can share in them too. If you don’t take a lot of photos then why not start trying to take more so that you can remember all great, funny, happy, sad, messy things that happen. As I said they also make great gifts too!

Are you purely digital or do you get photos printed too?


This is a collaborative post – all thoughts and opinions are my own

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