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3rd September 2021
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10th September 2021

Desenio: Helping to Create a Gallery Wall

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I love walking into people’s homes and having a nose at how they have decorated. I really don’t think I have a natural flair for putting a room look together and kind of just chuck things in and hope for the best. One home I absolutely ADORE beyond belief is that of Mr Tutu’s parents. You walk in and it’s like walking into a hug. It’s beautifully decorated, well thought out and put together and a lovely space to spend time. Recently Desenio asked if I’d like to review some of their products and I spoke to his parents about it as they were really interested in creating a gallery wall and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

gallery wall art from desenio

I have been fortunate enough to work with Desenio before and know that their incredible wall art spans so many different styles and eras. They do prints in all matter of shapes and sizes, styles and colours as well as having a vast range of picture frames available too.

However, as I said, we were interested in creating a gallery wall which was super convenient because Desenio also have the most amazing new gallery wall tool which makes it simple to design and create your very own gallery wall feature with ease!

The tool is designed to take you through the process, step by step to creating the look you want for whatever space you want to fill in your home. You start by selecting a background – they give you several to choose from so you can imagine what the pictures will look like in your space. They even give you colour options to try and match the colour of the walls where your frames will hang.

Next, and for me this part is really clever, you select your picture wall – whether it is two pictures or as many as 8, you scroll through the picture layouts, trying out each one on your background, seeing how it would fit until you find one that you like. It even tells you the dimensions you will have for each picture on the gallery wall!

Then comes the really fun bit – selecting the pictures. You choose the frame you want to fill first and then get to scroll through their incredible range of prints, either selecting one to try out in the frame or “hearting” one to add to your list of favourites, which you can then view all at once. It’s incredible – you can play around with all the pictures, filter by style, content and colour until you find the gallery wall of your dreams.

Next comes the frames – you’re able to try out different colour frames to see what’s going to suit your design the best! The finally at the end, it gives you your total cost and the option of going back and editing, before adding your gallery to your basket in all the right sizes and shapes – you can even screenshot your gallery wall design ready for when you want to hang them.

This new gallery wall tool is mind blowing to me and as you can see, the results for this soft, romantic gallery wall in the master bedroom, came out beautifully. When I move into my forever home, I definitely won’t be so scared of designing my own!

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