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I took my first dance class at three years old or there abouts and have been dancing on and off ever since. I spent years dancing in international baton twirling competitions, at school, university and then teaching dance as well as doing it on stage. There is a freedom that dance gives you that just allows you to let loose and give everything of yourself, feel good about yourself without the need to say a word and I am beyond ecstatic that Alyssa is already showing signs of adoring it too. Stood watching her spin round and round and “floaty float” around the room with kicks whilst singing to herself is just divine. We watch a lot of dancing together in whatever form that comes and I have always been a huge fan of Dance Moms (mostly the original girls and series) and whilst I wouldn’t let Alyssa watch the whole show, we do sit and watch the dance routines on YouTube so when we were asked if we’d like to review the Jojo Siwa Bodacious Bow and Jojo Siwa Microphone I totally said yes… for Alyssa of course….

I think JoJo Siwa is an awesome dancer and good on her and the other girls for branching out into so much else as well. Jojo definitely made her mark with her oversized hair bows which you can see everywhere in every store now and are proving super popular.

So we received the Jojo Siwa Bodacious Bow from Flair which is a large blue bow with silver hearts drawn on it and then a trail of fake colour hair dangling down from the centre. This is all attached by a clip on the back. So firstly let me say that for us this is a dress up item as I think it is just that bit too big for a little girl like Alyssa but it is absolutely perfect for her to play dress up with. The clip on the back is easy to open, the hair extension is nice and soft and great for her to practice her hair brushing on so she leaves mine alone for a while. Not for long though as she wanted to pop it in Mummy’s hair which of course I obliged. It felt like good quality too!

On the back of the packaging was one of JoJo’s signature phrases, “Respect the Bow” as well as a list of facts about her to help the fans get to know her better.

Secondly, we also received the JoJo Siwa Light-Up Microphone and boy oh boy was this a huge hit. I pulled the tab and the batteries instantly kicked in (it was great that it came with them!!) The main white globe of the mic is what lights up and changes colour. There is a very easy to press little button on the front that triggers JoJo’s voice which starts with a phrase followed by an exert from her hit song “Boomerang!” The phrases she comes out with are really positive and there is even an anti-bullying one in there. There is a giant bow on the front of the mic that is covered in glitter – be warned as some will come off.

The mic actually has 3 functions – sing-along, use as an ACTUAL mic or plug it into your MP3 player which is pretty cool for just a “kids” toy. Being little, Alyssa is just ecstatic to press the button, watch the pretty lights and pretend to sing-a-long, though was ever happier when she discovered how she could use it as a mic and make her bellows even louder!

Overall I’d say we are really impressed with the JoJo Siwa merchandise – surprisingly so. With things like this I often expect them to be tat or something that really isn’t going to last very long but they are decent quality and also bang on brand too. So, if you have a little JoJo fan then I’d definitely recommend these – especially the mic for lots of noisy fun!

Both available from Smyths Toys Stores!

** we were sent the products in exchange for a review – all opinions are our own

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