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29th August 2018
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4th September 2018

Creating the Perfect Workspace at Home

I never thought I’d need a specific place to work. I assumed that as long as I had my phone, laptop, notepad and pen, that technically I could work anywhere and yes this is true. However, I find that if I just set up and work anywhere I am not necessarily overly productive. Yes, it’s nice on the exceptionally rare occasion I manage it, to escape to a coffee house and abuse the free Wi-Fi and excellent coffee but on a long-term basis I actually need a proper work space. There isn’t a lot of space available in my current home, so it is going to have to go in my bedroom, but it does mean that it will be just for me…


I know I said that I didn’t have much choice in my current house but actually it is in fact a prime location. I wanted somewhere with good light so that if needs be I could film and photograph from my desk and luckily, I had a long free wall below a big window that looks out onto the garden and has the sun most of the day.

Of course, it is also important that I added a blind so that I could block the sun when I needed to stop the reflective glare on my screen. I found some nice blinds here – I also chose a blackout blind because I do have a night time bed invader too.


Now the window is really big, so I had quite a wide space but not very deep so needed the perfect desk and chair to fit into the space that would give me enough room to work – you’d be surprised what a blogger needs to work. I found some really good desks at Lionshome and I loved the various storage options available for the different desks as I have products coming in and folders with contracts and client info to store – I’m old school and still love a bit of non-digital. Actually Lionshome had quite a lot of great interiors pieces and some good inspiration too.

My physio would probably say the chair was the most important as I have a really bad back and shoulder and needed to make sure that a chair would be supportive and comfortable for long periods. I also grabbed a foot rest so that I could also elevate my feet when needed.


Once all the basics were in place then it was just a matter of accessorising. I found a brilliant lamp from The Range which was rose gold and had various coloured beads on it to fit in with the Moroccan theme of the room.

I of course had to grab myself some beautiful stationery too and grabbed some great bits from Wilko’s which looks gorgeous and has a nice price tag on it too.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a place I can shut myself away in and work. Yes I can work anywhere I need to but it’s great to have somewhere to be productive and hack through my to do list. Do you have a home work space? Why not tweet me a picture to show me?!
*This is a collaborative post

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