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18th December 2017
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Did you know I was a gamer?! Not so much now, but there was a time when I was a huge gamer and do still dabble every now and again. When I was 24 I had an operation, which meant I couldn’t really move for a number of weeks. My brother played online games and showed me one day and I was hooked after that. Roll on a few years (okay more than a few) and I am still an avid fan of games, especially easy, quick games that don’t take too much thinking power but keep me entertained for hours. If I find a game I like, I will quickly become hooked on it and checking into the game becomes part of my every day and once we were able to add games to phones I was in heaven!

two game controllers in front of a screen

There’s a new game available in the app store for both android and ios phones called “Crater Craft” which is FREE to download and 55 Pixels, the creators of the game asked me to download, have a go and let you guys know all about it and what I thought. So first of all, you need to know what it’s all about…

When a series of volcanic eruptions disrupt a once prosperous planet, the planet’s locals reach out to nearby galaxies with a unique invitation…

“Crater Craftmasters wanted! No experience required!”

Grow quirky plants and harvest their precious materials. Build your team of Crafters to make ever-more amazing items and bring in curious tourists. The more you craft, the bigger and better your crater becomes!

How high will you climb in the Craftmaster Leagues? “

So on the surface of things, the game is another growing world, craft style game – you plant seeds, grow materials, make products and complete tasks. However, this game definitely has a different spin on it. They asked me to sit down and play for an hour… I may have gone on for a little bit longer than that as I think I got to Level 3 before I finally looked up (fortunately bubba was in bed at this point!)

There is video footage at the beginning giving you the back-story and then you land on your new planet and you can see what is effectively your “Farm.” There are three different forms of currency – Nectar, Diamonds and Tickets. You have your own house (which you have to create furniture for and upgrade it) you have a garden where you plant nectar which turns into the various building materials you will need, different workshops, guest houses and much more.

To begin with, you follow little hints that will tell you what you should be doing next and after a while these turn into little suggestions that you can follow or not. Flashing notes will appear on the screen giving you tasks and guidance. You also get tasks from the little creatures that come to stay in your guest houses (once you furnish them) who will give you xp and currency for completing their requests. There is also a table of achievements you can aim for such as growing a certain number of plants etc.

As I said, I was only meant to be playing for 60 minutes but I ended up playing for much longer and have continued playing (I am now level 5) because I found a lot of depth to the game. There are several different things to do to keep you entertained – there is a mini pinball game to get you free currency, a free mini nectar collecting game, and these are on top of the normal tasks of building and collecting. You can also go through your portal to other areas too! I think a lot of farming games can be quite one-dimensional, but I didn’t find Crater Craft like this.

I liked the graphics on the game – good quality and don’t make your eyes go funny after looking at it for too long. I also found the game quite relaxing and fun as it wasn’t a frustrating game and was easy to follow. The little characters are really cute and when I complete a challenge and am able to choose a free crafter, I find myself choosing one based purely on what they look like – I want to collect them all and they are definitely my favourite part of the whole game.

As with most games, you are able to buy the different currencies whilst in game although I found that the game is quite generous with what it gives away, so unless you are constantly using your currency to speed through the game, you won’t be in desperate need of any.

Any time I have a spare five minutes or after bubba is in bed, I am enjoying checking in to my little world, collecting my crops, growing some more, picking a new crafter and slowly collecting them all. Think Sylvanian Families meets our favourite farming game and you’ve got Crater Craft!

Free to Download from the App Store, if you don’t have Crater Craft you NEED to download it. You can also play with me too by searching for my player tag: #1153d2c when you press the envelope icon – that way we can compare craters!

Download Crater Craft on IOS OR Google Play  …. You can thank me later!

*This is a collaborative post.


  1. This looks like great fun! Just downloading it now! xx

  2. This looks really fun! I haven’t been much of a gamer since I was a kid but I can see myself getting into something like this. #ablogginggoodtime

  3. Kate says:

    I am afraid I don’t get the gaming thing at all which leads to issues as my children and husband love them. I will mention this one. #ablogginggoodtime

  4. I’m a word and numbers geek, so words with friends, 2048, dots, those suck me in. Have fun and happy 2018! Let it be magical! xoxo #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

  5. This looks like so much fun! Although I haven’t played as much since having kids, I’m still a gamer girl! I’m off to download it now 🙂

  6. Helena says:

    I used to play a game online and my avatar still appears when commenting sometimes. Now my screen time just comes in blogging. #ablogginggoodtime

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