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Chocolate Adventures for the Chocoholic in Your Life

*This is a collaborative post.
Everyone either is or knows someone who cannot get enough of delicious chocolate. But, where can you go that provides all of the best chocolate experiences worldwide? A chocolate adventure sounds amazing, but determining which places are the best can be difficult. Here is a list of some of the best destinations for those whose love for chocolate is never going to fade.



There is no doubt that Switzerland is at the top of the list for chocolate lover travel. It is home to the world’s finest chocolates, after all. There are many destinations within the country that are sure to have your chocolate sense tingling. You can visit chocolate factories and learn all about the processes that go into decadent Swiss chocolate and enjoy yourself as you tour the city and factories. You will feel like a modern day Willy Wonka!

Bariloche, Argentina

There is a reason that Bariloche has earned the title of “the Switzerland of South America.” It not only resembles a Swiss mountain town, it also happens to be a major destination for all things chocolate. There are many chocolate museums that make up what is referred to as “The Avenue of Chocolate Dreams” (Mitre Avenue). There is nothing more exciting to a chocolate lover than the experience of everything chocolate. This small South American city is here to make a memorable trip for you and your chocolate-crazed acquaintances. 

Hotel Chocolat, UK

With many locations all over the UK, Hotel Chocolat is the ultimate chocolate lover’s experience. You can easily find a cheap gift from Hotel Chocolat to bring home to those who couldn’t come with you or to keep for yourself as a token from your trip. For all things chocolate, and the ultimate chocolate experience, Hotel Chocolat has endless possibilities to keep those cocoa-sense tingling. 


Hunter Valley Chocolate Company, Australia

If you feel like traveling a few hours north of Sydney, you will find Hunter Valley; the heart of Australian wine country and a mecca for chocolate lovers. The Hunter Valley Chocolate company specialized in handmade artisanal chocolates and fudge. With three locations, you are sure to have the best chocolate experience ever and enjoy some delicious treats along the way. 

Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador has a long history with chocolate as it has been around for centuries, which makes this a natural travel destination for chocolate lovers. In Quito, you can visit Mariscal Foch plaza to experience an in-depth chocolate tour with some of the top chocolatiers in the country. If you are a very enthusiastic chocolate lover, there are more exclusive tour options available too, if you look in the right places. 

Wherever you end up, you or the chocolate lover in your life are sure to have a trip that is unforgettable. You can visit any of these destinations and never find yourself underwhelmed by the experience. Consider some of these options the next time you are planning a chocolate centered trip. 

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