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15th April 2019
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Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Play Set Review

Ad-Gifted. All Opinions Are Our Own.
Alyssa loves to cook – she has a little stepping stool in the kitchen and you can guarantee the second I am out there my little shadow appears at the side of me asking what she can do to help. It’s not just real cooking though because she loves having tea parties or cooking up a storm in her own make believe world too which is just adorable to watch. So when we were asked to review the Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Play Set
, I knew she’d be really pleased to be able to make me breakfast in the morning!

We have been fortunate in the past to review other Casdon products such as the Chip and Pin Till ,The Deluxe Cleaning Trolley, Dyson Cordless Vacuum and the Let’s Play Self-Scan Supermarket and I like knowing what kind of product we’re going to be getting having received so many great Casdon products.

This set would make a fantastic present as it is packed in a large box yet costs just £12.99. In it, you get everything you need for your toy kitchen. There is a coffee pot, a kettle, a toaster with toast, cups and saucers, plates and cutlery and as well as bacon, eggs and sausages. The only thing I do have a quibble with is the food included. Alyssa got me to take the bacon away, she knows what it is but doesn’t eat it as she’s a vegetarian and doesn’t want to play with it. I totally appreciate you cannot make a “veggie” play-set but perhaps the food could have been slightly more generic like pancakes or simply no bacon!

The toaster and coffee maker both actually work which is fantastic – you can pop the toast down and watch it pop up. Then fill the top of the coffee machine with water and watch it filter through like a regular coffee pot does… I keep telling her NO you can’t have real coffee for it, you’ll have to make do with the water!

The set is a lovely bright red and has a contemporary styling which makes it look like many real kitchens. I particularly love the styling of the kettle, with a large handle which is great for small children to grip.

The Morphy Richards Kitchen Play Set is definitely true to life and encourages realistic play. Actions to perform for understanding cause and effect. Opening the lids develop problem-solving and motor skills.

The Casdon Morphy Richards Kitchen Play Set is available from Smyths Toys for £12.99

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