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28th September 2018
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30th September 2018
We love our role play toys. Alyssa has such an amazing imagination that anything seems possible when she is playing. She is not overly fond of dressing up but she does love playing all sorts of roles from drinking afternoon tea to playing Doctor Alyssa to heading to the shops to buy some food. We are a huge fan of Casdon role play toys and this latest one doesn’t disappoint! The Chip ‘n’ Pin Till is fantastic for pretend play alongside the shopping basket. A huge thanks to Casdon for sending these over to us to review as it was definitely something we didn’t have and had been needing to add to our collection for a while.

The Chip ‘n’ Pin till comes with some pretend boxes and cans of food, but I would recommend getting the Casdon Shopping Basket to go alongside. The basket contains lots of packets and tins, not forgetting a lemon! The items are real life miniatures of the real thing. Yes there is even a box of Tetley tea to be enjoyed cold as every mum will understand.

The realistic Chip ‘n’ Pin till has been designed for hours of play and I can see why. It has many functions just like a real till! All you need is to add 5 AA batteries. It comes with a set of stickers to pop onto your till and flat pack food boxes to make up. As well as the play money and bank cards for the Chip ‘n’ Pin (which actually include pin numbers!). There is a little wind up receipt roll that will come out of the till, but it doesn’t print out.

What’s great is that as children grow, the till will actually be able to be used as a calculator too. With the coins and notes that the till comes with it will really help develop their number skills. The chip and pin machine has cards you pop in and will soon let you know if you’ve entered the wrong pin number – try again!

We really loved this combo of the Chip ‘n’ Pin Till and Basket full of food. It’s recognisable brands that children will then be able to recognise in real supermarkets. It is also a toy that will grow with Alyssa. At the moment she simply presses buttons for effect but I can imagine her in the future actually using it to learn about maths.

Suitable for 3+ and available to purchase here. 

*We were sent the toy for purposes of this review – all opinions are our own.


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