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Caring for your Newborn with Baby Dove

As a first-time mother, I was a worrier right from the start it must be said. I already knew of a few brands I didn’t want to use on my own baby having seen the results with friends and their children. Turns out I was right to be cautious anyway, as Alyssa has extremely sensitive skin and there is only actually one type of nappy product she can use which doesn’t send her skin in to a blistering melt down. I am always cautious when trying any new product that goes on her skin and usually do a small patch test behind her ear as well as checking out the ingredients. Did you know that Dove have just launched a brand-new range of baby care products? I have always used Dove products myself so was interested in trying out some of their new Baby Dove range for Alyssa so when they asked us to review I was happy to give it a go. It’s available in two ranges, Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture (fragrance-free)…

baby asleep wearing a neebo monitor

Baby skin is so delicate and is so much thinner than an adults so we do have to be really careful and make sure we look after it. I also found that Alyssa’s skin always dried out quickly so each evening after her bath I would always massage some lavender baby oil into her skin which we still do now and it meant that when we went for our Newborn Photography shoot her skin looked amazing!

Baby Dove sent us its new Baby Dove Rich Moisture Head to Toe wash, Baby Dove Rich Moisture lotion and Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nappy cream. I initially did a little patch test for each of them and as there was no reaction at all, went ahead and used them for a few days to try them all out.

Firstly, we tried out the Head to Toe wash – it smells lovely and very similar to most Dove products. On the bottle it is described as hypoallergenic, tear-free, paediatrically approved as well as having a neutral PH formula and is designed to help replenish the nutrients in the skin to help them keep their moisture. I stopped oiling Alyssa’s skin during this trial and have to say that within a few days, her skin was much softer than before and almost felt like baby skin once again. She didn’t seem to mind the product at all and there were no tears when we washed it out of her hair and the soapy water went down her face (she’s a water baby who doesn’t care about water on her face) so this product got a definite thumbs up.

We followed each bath with a massage using the Dove Baby lotion which again smelt exactly the same and is once again advertised as paediatrically approved which I do find reassuring. Some lotions can be quite claggy I find, but this one was nice and smooth, slipped easily into the skin and didn’t leave a film on top either. Her skin felt nice and smooth afterwards and as I said after a few days her skin was much smoother than before which of course could be a combination of the two products.

Finally, we tried out the Nappy Cream – Alyssa has always had a sensitive nappy area and can develop spots or a rash within minutes sometimes. I think it worked well as a preventative measure as when wearing some she didn’t appear to get any rashes but when she didn’t have any on after nursery and she developed a small rash it wasn’t right for getting rid of it and I did need to use some of her normal cream which usually as well as rubbing into the area sits on top and acts as a barrier whereas I found this one kind of just rubbed in.

All in all, I am very impressed with the new Baby Dove range and definitely think it is one that expectant mothers should consider using. “Baby Dove wants to encourage mothers to trust their way and do what they think is best for their baby, knowing that with Baby Dove they are in safe hands.” It is nice to see a brand supporting parents, good job Baby Dove – #Trustyourway with #BabyDove

If you want to try Baby Dove for yourself it is available Tescos, Asda and Boots as well as other retailers!

*In sponsorship with Baby Dove

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