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Amazing Benefits of Using an Oil Diffuser in Your Home

*In collaboration with Emily Jones

An oil diffuser is a product that has only increased in popularity over the years and many people name as a favorite in their homes! It diffuses a dedicated essential oil throughout your home, making it not only smell wonderful but also adding the therapeutic benefits of essential oils into your daily life. With the addition of some drops of your favorite essential oils to the water, the diffuser then releases water with the diffused oils into your space. 

Some of the best oils to use include lavender for relaxation and stress reduction, peppermint for rejuvenation and energy, and lemon for air disinfecting purposes. There are also amazing luxury oils perfect for creating a spa like atmosphere, like the Blue Lagoon scented oil for example: a gorgeous blend for special pamper nights. 

Here are some of the benefits of using an oil diffuser in your home, that will convince you to get one or another one for your own home. 

– Relieves stress and anxiety

Smell is a sense that can instantly have an effect on your body and mind. Essential oils, particularly ones such as lavender, that have known impacts for relieving stress and anxiety can be used to as a practice for mindbody benefits. You can diffuse these oils in your home, or even get a rollerball or dropper that you can use when you want to encourage moments of peace. 

– Creates a spa like atmosphere 

Similar to lighting a candle, using an oil diffuser creates a spa-like atmosphere in your home. Spas always have incredible and calming scents throughout, and you can recreate this at home by simply using an oil diffuser. 

– Cleans the air

Oil diffusers, when used with blends such as lemon and targeted purifying blends, help to clean the air in your home. You can use air purifiers and plants to help with this as well, but using an oil diffuser adds the benefit of a gorgeous scent as well. 

– Helps decongestion 

Many people suffer with decongestion, and even depend on nasal sprays in order to provide some relief. Essential oils can provide therapeutic benefits by diffusing the benefits through the air and providing more clarity in your home’s space. This is not to say that oils can completely resolve decongestion, but they can give great relief

– Encourages better sleep

Between the therapeutic calming benefits and creation of a calming space, diffusing essential oils in your home encourages better sleep. Many people find it beneficial to incorporate diffusing essential oils in the space you’re in before sleep as well as in your room in order to get the most out of it.  

– Repels insects 

There are candles out there with the scent that repels insects, and you can do the same thing in a much healthier way by using insect-repellant essential oils in your home. A couple oils to use for this purpose are rosemary, thyme and citronella. 
When getting started, be sure to educate yourself on the correct use of essential oils and the benefits of the specific oils. This helps to ensure you are getting the most out of them, as well as not using a calming oil when you instead want an invigorating one. It is also essential to remember to keep your oil diffuser properly cleaned so that it is cleaning the air opposed to adding some challenges!

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