Make It “WORKS” This Christmas!
21st December 2016
Lovin’ The Sales…
21st December 2016

A Season’s Wish…

You may have noticed on the blog, or if you follow my Instagram then you will have definitely seen, that I love to dress Alyssa, buy clothes for Alyssa and make her look all sorts of cute – to be honest she does a lot of the picking herself and most days I will get a few outfits out and whichever she chooses will be the one for the day and the same goes for when we are shopping. However, I wanted to take the reins completely out of my 17 month olds hands (she cannot always be the boss can she??!) and pick her something absolutely gorgeous and special to wear on Christmas day. Well, I am counting myself very lucky this year as the wonderful House of Fraser came to my rescue…

a rack of red gold and navy party dresses with sequins and bows

Despite the fact that she was only 4/5 months old last Christmas, it was still a bit of a thing for my mum and I to go out and buy her a Christmas day dress just as my mum had done for me. My sister had then topped it all by buying her a Christmas Eve dresgold and cream dresss too as we have a big family meal then as well. This year, we had not yet had the chance to go out and find her one yet and then the wonderful people over at House of Fraser got in touch asking if we’d like one of their gorgeous party wear dresses – how could I refuse?!

So we were sent this gorgeous cream cap sleeved dress with a pleated skirt and gold thread patterning all over and a scoop neck and I have to say it is absolutely darling. There is a skirt lining too which creates a flared affect on the skirt and the capped sleeves mean they don’t get in the way of anything she wants to do and get on with. I love dresses like this as they are what I personally call “classic little girl dresses” and for me this is how I love my daughter to look.

In fact, I went on to have a look at the rest of the party wear collection for this year and am glad I didn’t look earlier as I think I could have spent my entire Christmas shopping budget in about 5 minutes.


I am loving the fact that tutu skirts are still in this season for little ones (you know how I love a bit of tulle!!!) and add in some sequins and it is a definite done deal for me!


Again, what I love about the whole collection is that the shaping of the dresses and the enhancements are so classic; cap sleeves, long skirts, pleating, ribbons and a tiny bit of sparkle without having too much embellishment! Perfect for little girls whatever their colouring!


Finally, I have to say that when Alyssa’s dress arrived that you could feel the quality – the fabrics were so soft which is just how they should be against our little one’s skin. I’d much rather buy Alyssa fewer clothes of a better quality or even hunt for bargains on eBay than put coarse, rough fabrics on her.




I cannot wait to see Alyssa this Christmas – all cute and snuggly in her new pjs on Christmas morning and then dressed up to the nines for presents and lunch. This year she is much more aware of an excitement building and I honestly can’t wait to see her face – she’s going to look pretty damn cute too!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This is a collaborative post – all views and opinions are my own

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