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3rd October 2016
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4th October 2016

A Rosy Glow…

close up of a pink rose

I have always been very fortunate to have lovely skin – it has always been really soft and smooth, hardly any blemishes, I never suffered from acne and it has always needed very little upkeep. I am also very lucky to have skin that tans easily – I wasn’t always so good with wearing suncream but have grown up a little now and make sure to wear  a  good enough spf and avoid burning… even if I do rarely burn and just go brown. Now, I hate to say it, but I am getting older and although I am not having any skin trouble yet (apart from the odd annoying spot during PMT time) it is time that I started taking care of it so that I get to keep my lovely skin. So it’s time to get into the habit of looking after it…

3 boxes of face cream on white brick background


I was very fortunate enough to be offered some lovely products from Baie Botanique – their Rose Renew Range. Now generally speaking, Rose tends to be for older skin as it does wonders for rejuvenating older skin and whilst I am not quite at that age yet, I was more than happy to give their new range a try as my skin has started to dry out recently. One of the first thia bunch of pink rosesngs I noticed was the Rose scent which was lovely and quite calming too but not overly floral at the same time. I liked the packaging of the products as I found it clean, simple and to the point… not overly “faffy” if you know what I mean.

In the Rose Renew range I received the Face Wash, Face Serum and Face Moisturiser and whilst it does say anti-aging I was more than happy to try it. To be sure that I got a proper feel for the product, I have used it (and am still using it just FYI) for two weeks before writing this post and noting my observations. I ha woman having face covered in creamave to say, that using face products seemed almost luxurious to me; at times I don’t even have time for a bath, a quick splash about to freshen up has to be it, let alone take the time to actually look after myself properly!!!

After two weeks of washing, scrubbing, seruming, cleansing…. I have to say I wasn’t the first one to notice the difference, it was in fact my sister. I don’t see her very frequently at the moment as we are both so busy but she happened to mention that my skin looked “glowey” and was I doing anything different??! Well, considering how tired I am at the moment, the fact that my skin could glow was amazing.

The cream absorbed well and everything went on really smoothly and did not feel claggy at all and after two weeks has definitely removed the slight dryness I had. It also just so happens that my trial has been over “that time of the month” and my skin definitely survived the time better with fewer spots on my chin (random I know) than normal. I have found that you don’t need a lot as a little goes a long way and so this set will definitely last a decent amount of time. I know that I am not in the right age bracket for the Rose Renew range normally, but actually I found it really suited my skin and would also probably work nicely for someone with sensitive skin too as it does not feel harsh or intensive either.


close up of deep pink rose

I did not have any problems at all with the Baie Botanique – Rose Renew Range and am pleased with the results. I am continuing to use it – though cannot always manage it every day. I am managing to do it several times a week and actually it is helping me take five minutes just to do something for myself and I am sure my skin will thank me in the years to come….


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