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4th June 2018
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A Quick Guide to Adding a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom

For many people, their bathroom is their favourite place to relax. A long soak in a bath is the perfect way to unwind. The more luxurious and spa-like the bathroom feels, the easier it is to enjoy the experience. As you will see, creating something similar to a luxury hotel bathroom in your own home is actually not that difficult. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you to update your bathroom.

Update your bathroom furniture

If your vanity unit and bathroom cabinets are looking a little worn or dated, your first task has to be to replace them. This is nowhere as expensive as you may think. There are some really good suppliers out there that sell high-quality bathroom furniture at great prices. Just check these out and you will see exactly what I mean.

Create the illusion of space in your bathroom

Most five-star hotel room bathrooms are generously proportioned. At least, they feel that way. In reality, they are actually not that bigger than a standard bathroom is. They are just decorated to seem that way. You can use the same design and décor tricks to make your home bathroom seem more spacious and luxurious.

Hang a mirror

Mirrors always make a room seem bigger. This is especially the case if you cover a large proportion of one wall with a mirror. When you do that the room is reflected, which tricks the eye and makes it seem a lot bigger. Make sure that any mirror you install captures and reflect any natural light that comes into your bathroom. This helps the room to feel brighter and fresher.

Upgrade the lighting

You can also use lighting to make a room seem more luxurious. If you have shiny fixtures and fittings they will glow even brighter when the light bounces off them.

Plus, if you install the dimmable kind, you can easily create a nice relaxing, spa-like environment. If you really do not want to change your lighting fixtures, investigate using dimmable LEDs instead.

Let more natural light in

If your bathroom has a window, try to make the most of the natural light it lets in. For example, consider swapping a heavily frosted window pane for one that lets more light in.

Upgrade your flooring

Changing the flooring is also a good idea. These days it is really easy to find good-quality tile, marble and stone effect flooring. Just be sure to buy the type that is designed for use in bathrooms. This will not go mouldy or rot.

Freshen up your tiles

If your tiles are a bit worn or dated, consider using decals to update them. Now, I know that this idea probably sounds a little daft. But, honestly, it is not. Just watch this video, and you will see that you can make your own decals. Which, will enable you to give your bathroom a truly unique look.

Re-dress your bathroom

Last, but by no means least is updating items like your shower door, towels, bath mat, towel rail and toilet roll holder. The way you dress your bathroom makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel. Choose luxury fabrics and finishes. This goes a long way towards creating a more spa-like ambience.

*This is a collaborative post.


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