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24th May 2018
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28th May 2018
As an only child, I always worry about Alyssa being lonely or wanting some company of her own age. Fortunately, Alyssa and her cousin Lily are very close, especially as there is so little difference in their ages and thanks to nursery she has made lots of lovely friends there too. Add in the lovely mummy friends I have and she is not short of lovely little friends to play with. We thought it would be great to host a playdate and not just any one but a #Tubbyplaydates with the help of the Teletubbies and their amazing new #Tubbyplaydates Planner pack…

Obviously you can just invite children round and allow them to run wild and free and hope that you all survive by the end… however, apart from being concerned for my house at the end of it, I also think it’s nice to give the kids actual things to do as well. We don’t always have a lot of time and with Alyssa’s health we often have to grab moments when we can, so last week we organised a Teletubbies themed playdate for her and her friends.

If you decide to do the same you need to use the #Tubbyplaydates Planner Pack which you can download for free from their website and contains some of the most brilliant activities for the kids to enjoy and also to help you prepare for the #Tubbyplaydates too!

There are some really cute invitations that you can fill out to invite the little friends as well as decorative bunting that you can either colour and hang before hand or let all the kids join in with once they’ve arrived.

There are some great suggestions of snacks to serve as well from Jelly cups with Tubby Custard to Tubby toast – I remember when my brother was a small child, he was a huge Teletubbies fan like our little ones and we used to have to put a couple of drops of pink food colouring into custard to get him to eat it because he only wanted to eat Tubby custard! We also had some Tubby Toast Biscuits!

We had a wonderful play date – we let the kids make the bunting and hung it up with some Teletubbies swirl decorations we had. We did some colouring, cutting, craft and sticker activities from the planner pack and the big bumper activity book we have! There’s also a great stick the custard on the teletubbies game you can get too.

For a little break we sat down to watch some teletubbies and did in fact have some tubby toast and some jelly as well and the kids enjoyed singing and dancing a long with the teletubbies.

We finished up in the garden playing with our bopping ball Lala which the kids eventually took into the paddling pool as it was such a lovely day out there!

If you’re planning a playdate for your little ones and they happen to be Teletubbies fan, I’d definitely suggest downloading the #Tubbyplaydates planner pack as it will literally have everything you need including some top tips from Dr Amanda Gummer who specialises in child development. Of course you can get a few teletubbies bits like our toys from the store too and I guarantee that it will be a playdate to remember!

alyssa cuddling a soft talking po

Visit the website to download your own free Teletubbies Playdates pack and have your own Teletubbies playdate!

You can watch Teletubbies every weekday morning at 7am on CBeebies and there are brand new episodes coming out from the 4th June.

To find out more, don’t forget to join in with the #TubbyPlaydates Twitter party with @UKMumsTV from 1-2pm on the 31st May!

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