I swore I would NOT do another gift guide this year after the absolute mayhem I found myself in last year. I also found I wasn’t very happy with my gift guides because as much as I liked, nay loved the products I featured, there didn’t seem to be any cohesiveness. There was no running theme or anything that tied the items together so to me, in hindsight it looked kind of a mess. So that was it, I was on a Christmas Gift Guide BAN! Then, I got asked what I wanted for Christmas by family members and found myself looking at gift guides for inspiration. None of the ones I found screamed KATIE so I thought “Oh no… I am basically going to have to do gift guides again aren’t I?!” So, I picked two themes – A PINK Gift Guide to Christmas and A UNICORN Gift Guide to Christmas because anyone who knows me, knows I am all about pink, sparkles and unicorns. I decided to make them for all ages and something for everyone. Enjoy and have a very PINK Christmas…

pink bauble hanging from a snowy branch

Kerrie Davis Jewellery

a white ceramic bust with pink triangular swarovski crustal earrings and necklace on silver chain displayed on it


Come on every girl loves a bit of bling… add in a bit of pink bling and the fact that this gorgeous set is Pink Swarovski Crystal Earrings & Necklace mounted on Silver Wire-Wrapped fixings AND handmade, seriously makes me just want to drool. These pieces are so delicate and timeless that actually they’d suit most women of any age. Best part? If you’re not a mega huge pink fan like me, they’re available in a few colours AND there are lots more pieces available.

Kerrie Davis Jewellery is a small business based in the heart of Dorset that creates handmade, beautifully crafted jewellery inspired by folklore, steampunk, fantasy and now desire. They have everything from necklaces to earrings, bracelets to rings, head pieces to dreadlock cuffs as well as offering the option to have your own design custom made!

          Shop at Kerrie Davis Jewellery Here!


Baby Elegance

Do you know what I have seen a lot of lately? People wondering if they should get soon to be arriving or very young babies a gift for Christmas. Some do and some don’t but my suggestion is why not get something beautiful AND useful if you want to include a baby to come.

Baby Elegance do a beautiful range of lots of different things to help new or soon to be parents welcome their new ones into the world. This gorgeous white wicker moses basket decorated in pink (obviously) is stunning, useful and a really thoughtful gift. I would have loved one just like this for Alyssa!

Shop Baby Elegance Here!

Perfect Glasses

neon pink sunglasses with the word polaroid on the armOne thing I do love is ACCESSORIES! I really got into sunglasses this year, particularly funky ones and as I am off to enjoy some Winter sun in this season, perfect for me would be some gorgeous sunglasses like these Neon Pink Polaroid Sunglasses (which you can also get as prescription just FYI) which I literally adore – wouldn’t it be lush to receive a really DECENT pair of sunnies?!

I do actually wear glasses, though not as often as I should, as I need them for concentration and digital work as my eyes get tired easily. I had to buy a really cheap pair when I first got them and make them last as I couldn’t afford better, so for me I’d love a gorgeous designer pair like ones that will withstand a toddler but look funky too. Find me the Perfect Glasses please!

                                                                                                                     Shop Perfect Glasses Here! 

Preemie Pride

Do you have a little one due or perhaps a little one who will be making an early surprise visit around Christmas time? pink santa hat with snowflake on rimBabies are so unpredictable and will go at their own pace – look at Alyssa who arrived 5 weeks early and very suddenly. She was this tiny ball that slept on my chest for 3 months and was only 5 months old at her first Christmas but I still wanted her to get gifts and be involved. One of the first things I got her was a hat just like this Pink Snowflake Santa Hat. She looked so adorable.

This gorgeous hat is available from Preemie Pride and in so many sizes. Not only that, but there are lots of beautiful products available such as blankets, seasonal outfits (which are always so much fun) books, clothing and specially designed gifts. You’re sure to find something that’s perfect for that perfect little someone!

                                                          Shop Preemie Pride Here!

Harts of Stur

pink kitchen blender with fruit in on a grey countertopYou all know how much I love being in the kitchen – I think there is a huge worry from people about giving “kitchen items” as gifts as in a way it feels very pre-feminism but ACTUALLY if you want to pile a load of gorgeous pink kitchen gadgets, crockery and utensils on me then please feel free! We’re really into smoothies at the moment so a gorgeous Pink Blender would be amazing AND match the Food Stand Mixer I already have!

Harts of Stur have such a gorgeous range of gadgets from the vintage in baby pink and blue to the modern smegs which come in pink but also sleek blacks and reds. I’m also totally in love with the gorgeous mixing bowls, jug, coffee pot and cake tins. They even have funky Pink Eyelash Onion Protection Goggles that would make the most hilarious stocking filler ever! All the more excuse to get in the kitchen and keep on cooking!

Shop Harts of Stur Here!

Pretend to Bee

Okay so who doesn’t love fancy dress?! Okay some people, but not me because I adore it. I suppose it comes from my acting background maybe but I love it even as an adult and am always up for face paint and transformations. It would appear I have passed this love on to my daughter who loves dressing up in tutus, fairy wings, princess outfits and more. One of our favourite costume shops is Pretend to Bee as the choices available are vast.

They cover everything from beautiful fairies (we have the scarlet one) to princesses (we have the pink one) as well as role play outfits for all sorts of jobs, animals and seasonal outfits. The list goes on and not only that but you can buy dolls AND outfits to match your little one’s outfit too – now that’s what I call matchy matchy! One of my favourites at the moment is this insanely cute Pink Monster Onesie which is actually a MUST have for Alyssa this year as she ADORES pretending to be a monster and jumping out to RAWR everyone – adorable!

Shop Pretend to Bee Here!

Brush Baby

Bare with me on this one because some of you might think I am crazy – my kid loves to brush her teeth. If she could she would do it all day and everyday which is very fortunate for me. She has also recently become obsessed with the electronic toothbrushes in the house and how they work. So what better answer than getting her very own little PINK electronic tooth brush for Christmas. Brush Baby do all sorts of sets and individual pieces for newborns who are teething all the way through to falling out milk teeth with gums that are getting ready to hold the adult teeth.

It might seem like a strange gift but I know my little will be absolutely ecstatic with it and probably ask to brush her teeth straight away – I might add it as a really nice stocking present for her so the excitement doesn’t take her away from the rest of the presents. My favourite is this Pink KidzSonic one but as I said – loads available so you’ll find the right brush to suit them!

Shop Brush Baby Here!

Bags of Love

Often gifts that I love to receive are personalised gifts and so Bags of Love is top of my list for personalised gifts for pink cushion with Minnie Mouse on the front smiling with Alyssa written in black belowthe whole family. They literally have everything from mugs to blankets, cushions to cufflinks, aprons to mousemats and much much more. I always this personalised gifts are especially good for children (because then you can get something just right for them) or for grandparents and new parents, incorporating the children’s images in.

Alyssa is obsessed with Minnie Mouse as you all know so of course I decided to make her a new cushion for Christmas to go with her new bedroom and popped her name on too! You design it just as you would when using photo or card print sites and can choose sizes, finishes, font and everything. You just have to provide the image and the words and they do the rest. I have to say the quality and finish is gorgeously soft too. I even made a Ravenclaw blanket for Rowan too!

Shop Bags of Love Here!

Jackson Reece

This year I have about four different friends who are all due around the holidays and of course I will get them a little welcome to the world gift but I’m all about helping parents out and not cluttering up their home with crazy outfits with fifty bajillion buttons that they’ll never wear. If you read my post “How to Create the Perfect Gift for New Parents” you’ll see how lovely a goody box of necessities can be – I may like sparkles and glitter but I do have a practical side to ya know!

Jackson Reece is one of my absolute favourite baby brands ever. I accidentally stumbled across them in a supermarket and thought I’d give them a whirl and have been fortunate to work with them a couple of times now. Alyssa has such sensitive skin and their products are so kind and natural that they are perfect for someone like her or the delicate skin of newborns. They also do amazing Nosey Nuzzles which saved us when Alyssa had her cold and her poor nosey was so sore. They have a huge range so why not put together your own little hamper!

Shop Jackson Reece Here!


As a young child I can honestly say that one of the most exciting gifts I received was a bike. I was fortunate enough to grow up in roads that children could play in until the light disappeared and get taken on bike rides with my sister to beaches and places new. Halfords has such a huge range of bikes for all ages and I have to say I do have my eye on a gorgeous old school one with a basket on the front – so cool and vintage. It won’t be long until Alyssa is climbing on one which she is already asking to do and at her height is not far off being able to! She was drooling over this Sugar and Spice kids bike from the new range (and FYI there’s a HUGE sale on kids bikes at the moment!!)

Not only do they have bikes and car parts but they also have bike accessories (which with 3 cycling fans in the family is helpful) as well as outdoor toys for kids and big kids and ride-on toys and games for little kids too. This year, Lily bean will be getting her very own ride-on car to scoot around and terrorise her parents on – sorry! See the full “Sugar & Spice: All things Nice at Halfords” review for more info!

Shop Halfords Here!


If you have never heard of JML then where have you been? It’s one of those brand names that 99% of people will have heard of thanks to their TV adverts and the creative and sometimes wacky inventions they come up with, especially kitchen gadgetry. They do also have some great ideas for gifts too and so I had a browse.

If you’re a cyclist, you do need to make sure you’re seen at night (especially round where I live as there are no street lights) and for me these Wheely Bright LED Bike lights appeal to my inner soul. You don’t have to get them in pink (though why wouldn’t you??!) as they are also available in blue and green too. For the kids, there are the amazing Boppin Bugz: The Crazy Bug Bopping Game – these cool little game bots are motion sensitive and will run away when approached as well as having flashing lights and crazy sounds! Get more than one (there are 9 to collect) and they even have magnetics so they’ll join together. The idea is to chase them around and to try and bop them. Person who manages to bop and stop the madness is the winner! Of course, if neither of these take your fancy, there are always the amazing Copper Stone Pans (I’m going with copper being rose gold which is a shade of pink just FYI) which are actually to die for and would give me kitchen cooking envy any day of the week!

Shop JML Here!


One of my favourite brands for both Alyssa and I to wear this season so far has been next. The choice is brilliant and the quality is outstanding so of course I had to feature a little something from them now didn’t I? The lovely people at Next kindly let me put together my very own Pink outfit which obviously for me was heaven. I decided to go with these Soft Touch Skinny Jeans which really are super soft, easy to pull on and fit beautifully. I paired them with this Lace Sparkle Layer top which is actually two pieces and could be worn separately as well. I teamed them with a pair on pink shoes I already owned but of course there were lots of pink shoes that I could have chosen too!

Why should the men miss out on all the pink action too?! There were some gorgeous pink shirts, polo shirts and even a complete pink suit which was I have to say pretty epic. I opted for this set of Free Geo Hipsters brightly coloured boxers for my brother as he is a bit of a pants snob and loves the ones over at Next and actually he’ll love the colours too – especially the pink ones!

Shop Next Here!

Calibre Furniture

I was having serious issues this year trying to think of anything non-blogging/work related that i’d like for Christmas other than pyjamas (although I do often work in my pjs) and then I thought I would just embrace it and ask for things that I not only needed for work but wanted too. I’m sure a lot of your work from home partners and friends are the same so why not help them make a gorgeous area to work in that makes them smile each day as it can be hard not going out of the house to work.

There is a huge range of pink furniture at Calibre including desks, chairs, desk organisers and so much more. One of my absolute favourites is Indi Breakout Seating – I would love one of these in my room in the corner just to sit and think in, work from or get cosy and if you have an office to put it in even better. Why not pinkify your office space… I’m going to!

Shop Calibre Furniture Here!

What 2 Buy 4 Kids

I am very fortunate to have worked with this brand several times and am so pleased to be featuring them once again. What 2 Buy 4 Kids is a great website where let’s face it, you can pretty much find anything and everything you could want for a child at any age toy wise – they even separate searching into ages for you to make it easier to find suitable gifts. There are so many to choose from I had difficulty just finding one to feature!

Now something I have learnt about my daughter whilst moving house and throughout the summer is that she loves to “do things.” More specifically she likes to make and build and craft and bake and just generally use her hands and so I thought this amazingly cool Pink Wooden Tool Box would be perfect for her for Christmas. She will love carrying her very own tool kit around the house while looking for little jobs to complete or making the jobs herself! The set includes a screwdriver, hammer, nails, screws, saw and more making it perfect for pretend DIY and decorating sessions. Everything can be stored in the handy box, so it’s ideal for carrying around the home and garden, or for fix-its on the move. So the next flat pack I have to buy… I’m leaving it all up to her!

Shop What 2 Buy 4 Kids Here!


To Celebrate My PINK Gift Guide to Christmas I am GIVING AWAY This Whole Pink Goodie Bundle to ONE Lucky Winner

Heart LED Tube Light, Pink Monster Key Ring, Pink Nail Files, Pink Tissues, Pink Star Sock Box, Pink Stationary Set, Pink Clipboard & Pen!
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This post was written in collaboration with What 2 Buy 4 Kids, Calibre Furniture, Next, JML, Halfords, Jackson Reece, Bags of Love, Brush Baby, Pretend to Bee, Harts of Stur, Preemie Pride, Perfect Glasses, Baby Elegance, Kerrie Davis Jewellery – all opinions are my own
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