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3rd June 2016
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3rd June 2016

A Dream Room for My Baby Girl

When I was a little girl, for quite a while I had to share a room with my sister. We had very different tastes and didn’t always agree on a lot. When I found out I was having a baby girl, my imagination immediately went into overdrive; clothes, accessories and of course the most gorgeous bedroom ever. Fast forward to 10 months old and unfortunately she still does not have the most amazing room ever and neither do I… we’re still sharing! I know that I am currently hearing cries of outrage and/or pity but there is a reason and this is because we are in the midst of moving house and I knew this was going to happen before she was born… so I have been biding my time and waiting.

Whilst I have been waiting, not overly patiently I might add, I have been dreaming up the ultimate fantasy bedroom for my little bubba. I figure that while she still allows me to make decisions for her, I need to go for the absolute best I can think of….

  1. The Bed – it has to be one of those princess coach beds, like the pumpkin coach from Cinderella with beautiful pink and gold bedding (yes I know she’s ten months old but this is my fantasy so shhhh!)

  2. The Walls/Floor – these would of course need to be in varying shades of beautiful pink with amazing crown, slipper, rose, wand, castle stencils around the room like a border.

  3. Toys – Every little girl needs a dolls house so that would go in first as well as a tea set and a kitchen. Alyssa is lucky enough to already have a rocking elephant that looks a little bit like Dumbo so would fit in really well!

  4.  A Chest – Full of every little girl’s dream costumes to amuse her for hours on end and let her imagination run wild. Princesses, dragons, pirates, ballerinas… you name it, we can dress up as it!

  5. Book Corner – I’d love to get some giant beanbags or a cuddle chair and a set of shelves and make a place where she could read books to herself or we could snuggle up together and share in the adventures of all our literary friends!

Okay, so I know this sounds completely amazing, but don’t worry I do have my sensible cap on too. I would have to get her a good wardrobe and chest of drawers (probably in white and I genuinely like the ones from as she has a better collection of clothes than me!

  There is also one area of the room that I completely missed off and that is the windows. In my head I am imagining big folds of fabric, elegantly draped across the windows that will need lightly pulling each night to dim the light coming in. UGGGHHH I WISH! Yes, okay I can have these but for practicality I would need a blackout blind. I wasn’t sure they did pretty ones but then OMG! I stumbled upon VELUX (yes I did actually go looking for the parts of Alyssa’s room!) and did you know that they do the Disney and VELUX Dream Collection, which basically means I can have a Disney picture on a blackout blind – Genius! Sold! Package one up to go please! They do some amazing other blinds too but obviously for Alyssa’s dream room these would match perfectly. Obviously to make sure they’re completely safe I could opt for a pull-down or electronic remote one rather than one with a cord.

So there you have it folks… apart from the odd sprinkle of glitter, touch of magic and a sweep of fairy dust, her room would be complete. On second thoughts…. I may be moving in their myself!! Yeah, okay so this may be my dream room not Alyssa’s but it’s okay… we can share!

What would be your dream room for your little ones? Or Yourself?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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