The Christmas season is absolutely mad isn’t it?! I mean technically it really is only one day and yet the amount of prep that goes into it is madness. I have been preparing for this one day or three days if you include Eve and Boxing Day, since the beginning of October when Christmas preparation tends to begin in bloggerland thanks to the fact that those of us mad enough to put out Christmas gift guides need them ready for the beginning of November. Add in the fact that this year we are  further away from family thanks to our house move and that Nonna is currently out of action with Bronchitis and I am definitely feeling the pressure (may have taken on a little too much work too but shhhhh) but it is all going to be worth it and I already know that for a fact. I am watching the magic and wonder growing in my daughters eyes each day with each activity we do and every mention of the elusive Father Christmas. All I have to do is get to Christmas Eve and that is when I can finally let go and sink into the gorgeous and overly indulgent feeling of Christmas that wraps itself around you like a hug and settle down for some cosy nights in and for that I need snacks. Snacks like Butterkist ….


Butterkist are big believers in having A Big Night In especially with the nights now getting particularly cold and do you know what I couldn’t agree more. With Christmas arriving, my family are huge lovers of all crowding into one house, whacking on our Pjs and enjoying each other’s company.

There are so many things we love to do such as:

  • Getting out our huge pile of board games and challenging each other to various battles. Monopoly is officially banned in our house now as some people cannot hack losing but we do love Cards Against Humanity, 13 Dead End Drive, Bananagram and then good old scrabble.
  • Pack of cards – yes it can be that simple. My sister and I have played cards since we were very young with both our grandmothers teaching us how to play various games including poker and how to gamble very well!
  • Movie Night – there can be ALOT of us when the family all gets together so it can often be hard to find something we all want to watch so some people will crash out in the lounge and others will come and pile on my bed. We have a NOW TV subscription so can watch some great shows and movies all from the comfort of our duvets.
  • Eating together – I love to be in the kitchen and generally tend to kick everyone else out unless they want to wash up and enjoy nothing more than cooking up a feast for my family. In fact, when Alyssa was a little younger, I actually cooked up a storm using some delicious Butterkist Popcorn!


Of course you don’t have to cook anything – you could just eat it straight out the bag as there are so many delicious flavours (I love the Toffee and the Sweet-Salted flavours!) However, if you did want to make my Pop-Choc Fridge cake you can follow the recipe here…. just FYI.

Spending time with my family and finally sitting down and relaxing is what I am truly looking forward to this Christmas. I know that it is fun to go out and have a drink or two but I honestly, just like Butterkist, I am a huge fan of a Big Night In and have grabbed a few bags of delicious popcorn, some new pjs, a cheeky G&T and a fresh pack of cards and I am so ready to tackle these cold nights!

Merry Christmas everyone – Make Yourself some Pop-Choc Fridge cake!

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