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9 Places to Visit When Traveling to Saudi Arabia

Travelling is an exciting thing to do. You get to take in the sites, visit new, exotic lands, as well as take in other cultures. When one thinks of Saudi Arabia, there are a couple different things that may pop into their minds; camels and desert sands. However, there is so much more to this beautiful country. When you visit, keep this amazing list in mind. Here are the top 9 places to visit when travelling to Saudi Arabia.

Madain Saleh

This would have to be the top place to visit while in Saudi Arabia. The scenery is exotic and beautiful. It is rich with history and offers days of exploration. Madain Saleh is a famous tomb of the ancient Nabatean. The Ottomans railway built by Hejaz runs through this beautiful place. It is located near the town of AI-Ula, which has gorgeous museums, oasis, and a mud village that includes the tombs of Khuraibah.


This colourful city is located on the Yemeni border and offers a truly unique experience for tourists. It offers a special history of architecture and even culture blends with the neighbouring country of Yemen. This city is heavy in tourists on vacation due to it being very friendly with visitors from all over the globe.


Farasan Islands

This destination is definitely one of the top locations that should be on every visitor’s list. Farasan Islands offers private beaches. If you are a bird lover, you will absolutely love to bird watch here. This amazing place also offers gorgeous historical sites right on the main island.


Al Soudah

If you are looking to do some camping on your holiday and other fun outdoor fun, then you will love Al Soudah. This city is right next door to the Asir National Park. It offers trekking, cable cars, camping sites, and many other outdoor type activities. It also offers great architecture, along with a population of friendly local people.


Wahba Crater

This is a volcanic crater that is located 700 km away from Riyadh. It has beautiful scenery that includes lava fields, salt pans, and an oasis. This is definitely a site that is unforgettable.


Al Lith

This is a tiny town that is about 275 km south of Jeddah. You can dive off of the Farasan Banks to explore the ecosystem under the water. This is one of the top diving locations in Saudi Arabia. It offers clear water, interesting wrecks, and a huge marine life that will astound you.


Edge of the World

When you use your visa to travel to Saudi Arabia, visit the Edge of the World. This one of the top places that offers an outstanding view. It is a part of 800 km Jebel Tuwaiq Escarpment. When you look to the horizon from the Edge of the World, it appears as if it is endless.


Mountain City of Taif

This is a mountain city and is most famous for roses, along with rosewater. In the springtime, the flowers bloom everywhere. It is an amazing site to trek and go mountain climbing.


Located in the Qassim region are the cities of Unaizah and Buraidah. It is very rich in cultural heritage, as well as rich in history. The city of Unaizah has historical sites, ancient farmlands, and even a quaint traditional marketplace.

In order to get the most out of your travelling fun, make sure that you research the places that you would like to visit. Also, you might want to visit this website and ensure you have a proper visa. You may need to pack different items; such as scuba gear. Although this list is of the top nine places to visit when you visit Saudi Arabia, there are many other places and activities to experience. Keep an open mind, have fun, and take pictures of your great adventures.
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