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8 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Be More Active

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.
Encouraging your kids to be active can be difficult when there are so many screens around vying for their attention. However, with the right advice, you could ensure your kids are fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Most people don’t know the right way to go about making their kids more active, so read on for some pointers you can get started on right away:
a little girl playing football on the grass
  1. Be More Active Yourself

Show your kids that being active is important by being more active yourself. You can tell them how important it is to be active, but if you’re not doing it then they are not going to listen to you. Find an active hobby that you enjoy, or simply find more ways to incorporate movement in your day to day life. You’ll be teaching them without even knowing it. 

  1. Buy Them Gifts That Get Them Moving 

Buying your kids gifts that get them moving can be super helpful, too. You could look into buying the perfect pair of inline skates this Christmas, for example – skates are massively popular this year and set to come back in a big way. You could also look at skateboards, and even game consoles that encourage kids to move. You’re not short on options!

child on a tablet
  1. Set Limits and Boundaries With Their Screen Time

You can’t ban kids from screens, but you can make sure you set limits and boundaries with their screen time. Make sure you’re consistent, and that they can’t just spend all day staring at moving pictures. 

  1. Plan Active Family Adventures

Plan active family adventures, such as hiking and trying new activities together. You could explore new cities and towns, go biking, and do other super fun things to stay active. 

  1. Sign Them Up To Clubs

Perhaps you could look at a football, dance, or martial arts club to sign your kids up to. Ask them what they would like to try and see how they feel. They should enjoy it, but it could take a couple of sessions before they get into it! 

child ballet dance class
  1. Don’t Overdo it

Kids need rest too, so don’t overdo it. Give them rest days, and make sure they’re not overwhelmed with things like homework and anything else they have going on. Try to help them to listen to their own bodies and let you know when they need rest. 

  1. Go To The Playground

Visit the playground and let your kids run around until they tire themselves out. This is a great way for them to burn off excess energy and have fun at the same time. You could even get involved if you want to encourage them to move and run! 

  1. Provide Safe Spaces For Them To Move 

Make sure the garden is a safe space for them to move and stay active – you can also see if you can purchase things for the house, like a mini trampoline. However, this will depend on the space you have available as well as your kid’s ages. 

How are you going to encourage your kids to be more active? Leave your thoughts and advice below! 

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