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8 Great Tips to Improve Your Smile

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.
Many of us dream about having the perfect Hollywood smile, however, when you have young children to look after and keep safe, keeping on top of your appearance may be the last thing on your mind. If you want to boost your confidence and self-esteem, maintaining good oral hygiene should be your first step.
While a healthy smile cannot be achieved overnight, there are lots of methods that you can use to improve the health and appearance of your teeth. With that in mind, here are 8 great tips you can use starting today. One way to maintain good dental hygiene would be to drop by this dentist located in Thousand Oaks every now and then for regular check-ups.

Floss Daily

Flossing daily will remove any plaque that has formed between your teeth and under your gumline. The reason why it’s so important to floss is that your toothbrush is unable to reach all areas of your mouth. Flossing can help to prevent gum disease and tooth decay, so make sure that you factor it into your oral hygiene routine. There are flossing techniques that you need to learn in order to do it correctly, safely, and reduce the risk of gum damage.

Visit a Hygienist

Having a routine cleaning twice a year can help promote excellent oral health and maintain a beautiful smile. If you have irregular cleanings, you are putting yourself at risk of developing periodontal disease, which can result in receding, swollen and bleeding gums. Periodontal disease is also linked to various health conditions such as heart disease and sleep apnoea. If you have any concerns, a hygienist can advise you on what treatment and methods to use at home for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Stop Smoking

If you’re a smoker, you may not realise the damage you are doing to your teeth and gums. While you may have noticed staining on your teeth, smoking can cause your gums to recede and develop pockets around your teeth. Smoking also makes it much harder to reverse gum disease, so if you’re struggling to pack the habit in for good, there are lots of tips that can help you cut back and eventually quit. 

Limit Coffee Intakea blue cup and saucer with a coffee in on a wooden table with a blank notebook and pen next to it

If you have staining on your teeth, your love of coffee could be to blame. When running a busy household, you may use coffee as your caffeine fix to get you through the day; however, drinking large quantities of coffee can build up superficial stains that can ruin your smile. If you don’t want to give up coffee, reducing the amount you drink and using a straw can help to reduce staining on your teeth, as well as potentially reduce the risk of tooth decay. 

Buy a Quality Toothbrush

If you’re using a manual toothbrush, it may be time to make the switch to an electric one. Not only are they clinically proven to get rid of more plaque, but electric toothbrushes can also make your teeth appear whiter by getting rid of stains. There are lots of models that you can purchase which are specifically designed for people with sensitive teeth too. Electric toothbrushes can last for years; however, you will need to routinely change the head. 

Stay Hydrated

Instead of drinking fluids that are acidic and full of sugar, it’s crucial that you stick to water. Not only is it the healthiest choice for your body and smile, but water helps discourage tooth decay. It’s recommended to drink tap water as it contains the right level of fluoride. In many instances, bottled water originates from a source where fluoride levels aren’t checked, so drinking plenty of tap water and keeping hydrated is key for improving and maintaining your smile.

Consider Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Whether you have a missing tooth or your teeth aren’t perfectly aligned, there are lots of reasons why you may be hesitant to smile. Thankfully, there is a range of cosmetic dental treatments that you can use which can alter your smile for the better. You can start the process off by visiting the Solutions Dental Clinic website who are experts in cosmetic dentistry. They offer a range of services such as teeth straightening, whitening, fillings, dentures, and dental implants which can all help improve your smile. So, if you’re interested in one of these treatments, have a read of what could be done and decide which one suits your needs. 

Form Good Habits

Finally, forming good oral hygiene habits from now onwards will help keep your teeth and gums healthy. With all your time and focus put on your children, it’s still important to brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and use a fluoride mouthwash. Taking 5 minutes in the morning and night to dedicate towards your teeth and gums will pay off in the long run and help keep your mouth clean and healthy.

One of the first things that people will notice about you is your smile. After having children, your confidence may be at an all-time low, so to put a spring in your step, all the tips listed above can be great ways to improve your smile and maintain good oral health.

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