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17th January 2019
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21st January 2019
We are now officially more than half way through Veganuary and I am actually feeling pretty good. I have also been trying to adopt a healthier approach to life in general so have also cut out fizzy drinks which are a real problem for me and I’m feeling good. I have dropped a few pounds (slowly slowly catchy monkey) my energy levels are so so considering my daughter doesn’t let me sleep and my stomach and insides definitely feel like they’ve been receiving healing the past few weeks. So continuing on with my round up of delicious vegan recipes to try, we of course come to vegan dinner recipes. What I’ve done is actually taken recipes from all sorts of different styles and types of cuisine including Mexican, Indian, Irish and of course Italian. You’re welcome!

a plate of quesedillas and refried beans

Already this month I have covered hot to do Veganuary, Vegan Breakfast Recipes and Vegan Lunch Recipes so now it’s time for dinner. This is what’s on my menu…what’s on yours?!

Vegan Drool-Worthy Pizzas – Now, just because it’s vegan, does NOT mean you cannot enjoy some delicious Italian pizza. True, it will probably not be the way they made it when I used to live in Sicily BUT this list of amazing sounding vegan pizza recipes from vegan heaven make me want to buy a pizza oven for my garden.  They include some of my absolute favourite ingredients and they’re all on my shopping list ready!

a whole pizza with onions peppers and rocket on a wooden chopping board. vegan

Vegan Mushroom Pot Pie – Mushrooms are one of my all time favourite ingredients. They are do diverse and you can do so much with them and they are a great meal replacement. I also really love pies (my waistline can tell you that for free) especially in the winter as they are so comforting. This pot pie recipe from Holy Cow Vegan looks delicious and is dripping with gravy and packed full of ingredients. Think I’ll be doing this as my Sunday roast alternative this week!

Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Spinach Coconut Curry – dashing over to India for this one because I love a good curry. I can’t handle too much heat but I really do enjoy the luxurious flavours that hit my palette each time I eat a curry. This one from The Vegan 8 looks absolutely delicious and sounds like it will leave me feeling full as well as full of vitamins and nutrients from the awesome ingredients included. What’s great is that it only uses 8 ingredients meaning it will also be a cost-saving vegan recipe too!

a plate of vegan chickpea curry with rice on a wooden table

Vegan Lasagne – It might be Italian but this is a bit of an old English classic and one I always revert to when lots of family are coming to dinner as it is an easy one to mass produce and fairly difficult to mess up. However, mine usually involves a lot of cheese and milk in the roux sauce so I was really pleased to find this vegan version from Discover Delicious. Packed full of vegetables for nutrients, lentils for a big hit of protein and with a “creamy” sauce still used, I am super excited to try this one!

Black Bean Vegan Enchiladas – We love Mexican style food in our house. There was a point where we used to have a huge Mexican feast every Christmas Eve as our start to the festive season. We made everything from scratch and you couldn’t see the table for dishes, it was epic. Now we like to have some at least once a month and this dish from Light Orange Bean is going to be my choice this month because the look absolutely delicious and is it me or do they still look really cheesy?! I am sat here drooling at the screen so I think I had better get into the kitchen!

vegan enchiladas being served from an oven dish

I hope your Veganuary journey is going well and you’re enjoying some of the recipes I’ve found like I am. Anything you’ve found or tried and thought I must tell everyone about this?!


  1. My sister follows a vegetarian diet and as I struggle with what to make for her, this is fantastic #blogginggoodtime@_karendennis

  2. These all look so good #ablogginggoodtime

  3. Rosie Doal says:

    I must say all of those meals look really delicious. So many of my friends have turned to veganism and they say they have never looked back x #ABloggingGoodTime

  4. Some lovely looking meals here. Not sure the vegan life is for me though! #ABloggingGoodTime

  5. These all look and sound delicious. I put make a lovely vegan curry again very soon #ablogginggoodtime

  6. Katie, these look so yummy. I have them bookmarked. We are already vegetarian, so these will be nice add ins! TY! #ablogginggoodtime xoxo

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