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9th March 2018

5 Creative Ways To Improve Your Organisation Skills

Some people are so structured that for them, everything has its own place. Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with such organisation skills. But if you have trouble staying organised, do you have to continue on like this? No! With a bit of creative thinking, even a few “life hacks,” you can improve your organisation drastically.

a plain white wooden table with an open leather bound diary on it and a glass vase on the table with pink roses

Labels, labels, labels

an open notebook being used for bullet journalling with a design for savings and coloured sticky tabs poking out on a wooden table with pens and tape aboveWhen it comes to organisation, labels are your best friend. If you’re intent on sorting out your stuff, you’ll probably transfer them to boxes and containers, many of which are likely uniform in appearance.

This poses a problem once you have to start looking for a particular item. Where did you put that extra set of towels? How about your summer sports gear? This is where labels come in handy.

Get creative by printing your own labels. You can customise the design and decorate them as you like. This way, you’ll save yourself hours of searching and have stylish containers at the same time.

Keep a few “maybe” or “donate” boxes

a small open cardboard box with a brown and white teddy sitting in the topWhen you’re sorting out your items, be sure to designate a few boxes to be donated, sold, or discarded. If you come across an item that you’re not sure you absolutely need, just toss it in one of these boxes. Once the container is full, label it so that after a certain number of days, you’ll donate, sell, or throw it away.

If you haven’t opened or removed any items by that date, you know you don’t need them anymore. This is a great way to ease yourself into decluttering mode. And with fewer items, you’ll feel less stressed, live a simpler life, and even save you money if you decide to move house later on.

Go vertical

Usually, things can become unorganised because there is a lack of space for your items. To avoid this, you should think about using overlooked spaces in your home. Look above or below your furniture, as well as behind.

For example, perhaps a higher shelf will provide the extra storage space you need. Put up bars or wire mesh grids so you can hang all sorts of things such as kitchen utensils, linen, or office items. Also, install racks behind doors for even more space to store your stuff.

4 stacks of tall blue shelves to the ceiling with cupboards underneath and mason jars with cooking ingredients stood on each shelf

Multipurpose furniture

a wooden floor and bare brick walls a brown wing backed arm chair in the corner with a multi-tonal brown cushion on and to the right 4 wooden dining table chairsAnother trick to increase storage space is to use furniture that can serve multiple purposes. These furniture items are flexible, meaning you can adapt them to any room or function you like. This is particularly important if you’ve just moved and already transferred your furniture—try to look at your existing items in a new light. Don’t underestimate the value of multipurpose furniture!

For example, modular shelves work really well because you can rearrange them to fit your room. Hollow benches or ottomans are fantastic for hiding away items quickly and easily. Plus, they provide extra seating as well as a backup coffee table if needed. Finally, wheeled carts and shelves are so versatile that they can act as a kitchen shelf, extra table, or a bar cart.

Add logic to your organisation

When organising your belongings, there needs to be a logical system in place, no matter how small or minor it might seem. For example, make sure that items you use everyday are easy to reach.

If you use certain ingredients regularly, why not have these items in an accessible location? If you spend a significant portion of your day searching for these everyday items, you’re wasting quite a lot of time. This can even make chores, such as cleaning the house, much easier to complete. You won’t dread having to look for things in the first place.

two wooden tables either side with chairs under and a semi full book case across the whole of the back of the picture and a dark wooden wall behind that

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