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5 Amazing Uses for Wallpaper & Murals

There has always been something creative in me. From a young age I was always trying different creative outlets so at one point my future dreams either involved me performing on the West End or becoming a fashion designer. I chose the performing obviously and I was a real achievement when I could say that I had in fact performed on the West End and that it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Over the years, performing has kind of fallen by the wayside – I know longer have the confidence I once did and there is also a distinct lack of time. However, this doesn’t mean I have lost my creative outlet because of course, sitting here and writing this is an amazing outlet and not just for creativity. I also find other ways to explore my creativity (possibly not quite as successfully as I manage with blogging) and these include DIY and Home improvements. Along the way I have found some amazing uses for different products that you might never have even thought of. So today, I am sharing with you 5 Amazing Uses for Wallpaper and Murals you may never have thought of…

a busy table of tools for DIY

Your Walls

Obviously the initial and most obvious thing to do with wallpaper and murals is of course to pop them on your walls! As we live in rented accommodation at the moment, we didn’t want to make too many permanent changes that we would then need to undo again. So, when decorating Alyssa’s bedroom, I used wall mural stickers to decorate her already pink walls. I used flowers, fairies and clouds to go with her fairy garden theme and they look beautiful. She likes to lay  in bed and look at them at night, flying over her head.

a woman's hands holding a cup of herbal tea with some dried pink flowers next to them on a marble back drop

Photography Back Drop

This is one for all the bloggers and photographers out there who need to do a nice flat lay or product shot. Things like marble effect wallpaper and murals can make an amazing backdrop for your photographs and will cost a fraction of the price of what an actual slab of marble will cost you. You can back it onto some cheap wooden board or plastic so it can easily be stored or rolled away for another day!

Frame It

This is a great idea for if you like the colours or look of your walls or perhaps can’t make changes to them due to your landlord but want to jazz them up a little. Find a wallpaper you like and grab a sample or get some mural stickers and a piece of cardboard. Arrange them as you like and then pop them into a frame – then simply hang it on your wall! Choosing a contrasting but complimentary colour will really make a feature wall pop. For example if you have a rich yellow wall, why not pop a deep midnight blue in some frames – it will make both colours stand out!

a side board with cacti and a pink picture in a frame with a mint wall behind

Top it

Of course you don’t have to actually use things like Wall paper and murals for what they were actually intended. Some wallpapers and murals are infact waterproof and wipeable. So if you have an old counter top or table you’d like updating, simply paste or stick to the surface and cover with a waterproof clear gloss or varnish and you’ve instantly updated your cabinets!


Again this might not seem so obvious at first but if you have cupboard doors that are looking tired, a chest of drawers or even a door that has seen better days, use some beautiful wallpaper or mural stickers and some pva glue and go to town decorating all these different things to bring new life into them at a much cheaper cost than buying new ones!

There you have it – 5 Amazing Things to do with Wallpaper and Murals that will really freshen up your home or provide you with great backdrops for those “insta-perfect” shots. Do you have any more great ideas on how to use it?


*This is a collaborative post.

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