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12th February 2019
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16th February 2019
[Ad – We were sent the items for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own. ]
I have fully realised that I do not have a set style of clothing. I’d say I tend to flit across several different styles from standard mum to boho to goodness knows what. The only thing I tend to stick to is that my clothing is comfy because generally I am running round like a mad woman and no one wants to do that whilst strapped in, corseted and in high heels. One of my new favourite clothing brands for comfort and looking pretty “cool” (is that still the right word to use?!?) is 45Revs Clothing. They sent me some of their mens and women’s clothing to review and both the boyfriend and I were in seventh heaven of comfort!

Northern Soul is a music movement that started in the 1960s in the North of England, at a time of the Mod scene. The music is that is associated with Northern soul is the heavy, syncopated beat and fast tempo of mid-1960s Motown Records, which was usually combined with soulful vocals. The music is still popular these days. So, sent us some clothes from the Northern Soul range.

The Keep The Faith Fur Pom Pom Chunky Beanie is awesome and I actually gave it to my lovely friend who adores hats like this! It is made with 100% Soft-Spun Acrylic and it has a detachable fur pom-pom on the top. I did try it on and it is super comfortable and soft and although only available in one size should be fine for most!

I’m always going to be a sucker for a comfy grey hoodie as I find they are so versatile and really do go with anything. The Keep the Faith hoodie is 60% cotton and 40% polyester meaning that it’s both light and washes well. Definitely now party of my mum uniform!

We also got a jumper for him too which similar and just as soft, has no hood but this is not going to stop me “borrowing” it at any chance  get!

The final item in our box were the 45REVS Men’s Stretch Cotton Northern Soul BoxerShorts. These I’m basing purely off the opinion of his lordship for obvious reasons are super comfy and fit everything in nicely and are also exclusive to 45REVS. Stretch boxer shorts, they are made from 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane. He looked pretty good in them too but I’m not sharing a shot…sorry!

There clothes are all well made, nicely finished and reasonably prices so well worth you having a look. Definitely added to my list of brands to buy clothing from for pure comfort and cosiness!

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