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3 Popular Countries for Brits Looking to Emigrate

child pushing luggage on a trolley at an airport

*This is a collaborative post.

Have you ever wondered about how life could be different if you moved abroad? Many people ponder this life-changing decision at least once in their lives, and those who are frequent fliers and enjoy jetting off to warmer climates throughout the year.

child pushing luggage on a trolley at an airport

Let’s be honest; the UK doesn’t exactly have the best weather all around, does it! 

That being said, there is a massive difference between considering moving abroad and actually taking the plunge. 

Factors that can make it difficult to relocate abroad include getting a visa for the lifestyle you intend to live when you start your new life. It isn’t as easy as picking up your passport and hopping on a plane. You need the help of an immigration lawyer who can work with you to make sure you have the right visa and right to live and work in your new home. 

You also need to make sure you can afford to live comfortably or at least have the same quality of life as you did in the UK and if you are moving with children looking for English speaking schools to help them integrate is vital unless they are fluent in the first language of the country you are moving to. Add to this needing to find somewhere to live, healthcare professionals and potentially looking at retaking driving tests if required or looking for work.

When it comes to emigrating? Where are the top places brits like to relocate to? 


Portugal has always been a popular country for Brits wanting to move to warmer climates. Along with the 300 days of sunshine, many parts of Portugal enjoy each year! The cost of living is significantly lower than in the UK. Add to this that surveys amongst the expat communities rate Portugal as top of the list for quality of life for expats. This list takes into consideration different factors such as security, health, safety, wealth and happiness. 

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Malta is experiencing a boom in expansion, particularly in the online gaming and It sectors. Its relaxed way of life and booming economy make it an attractive place to relocate for many brits. Malta is multilingual, and many people speak English – it is the official second language after Maltese. 

The beauty of the country, along with the vast expanses of sandy beaches, means Malta is a firm favourite with both brits and other nations when it comes to an expat lifestyle. 


Spain has long been a firm favourite with UK holidaymakers and for a good reason. Spain is a rich multicultural country, and its climate and coastlines make for a great place to relocate to for many people the world over. Thanks to the constant stream of UK tourism in Spain there are many different opportunities for Brits looking to live this life every day and call Spain their home. 

Spain also has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, meaning it is popular amongst retirees.

There are many other reasons why people choose to put down roots in a new country; not every reason is to do with the good weather; however, having great weather doesn’t hurt, does it!

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