10K – Time To Giveaway: #9
8th February 2017
10K – Time To Giveaway: #11
8th February 2017

10K – Time To Giveaway: #10

It really doesn’t seem that long ago, in fact it was only July that I ran a huge giveaway to celebrate the fact I had reached 5000 followers on Twitter. This was such a huge achievement for me and never in my wildest dreams did I think that just 6 months later I would be celebrating hitting 10,000! Before I began blogging I had never used Twitter – I was a total Facebooker and had never even ventured on to Twitter let alone sent a tweet… and what on earth was a hashtag?! As I said, I ran a crazy giveaway to celebrate hitting 5,000 so to make it a little different this time, I thought I would do ten giveaways for ten thousand. I’ve joined forces with different brands to bring you some great prizes and also to celebrate individual and unique businesses and their crafts. So, without further ado, let’s begin…

World of Snacks offers a box of snacks from a different country each month.  For £13.99 per month you will receive a box delivered to your door containing sweet and savoury food from all over the world.


January featured Japanese food and February we will be visiting South Africa.


What better way to travel the world than to have it delivered to your door? You can taste foods that you will not find in the shops or would never have thought about trying before!



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Terms and Conditions:
1 box for 1 winner–  no monetary exchange available
Contest is open until 19/02/2017
Distribution of  prizes is the responsibility of World of Snacks UK
 Mummy in a Tutu cannot be held responsible for lost prizes
This post was written in collaboration withWorld of Snacks UK – all opinions are my own
All winner decisions are final – the winner has 48 hours to claim or a new winner will be drawn
UK Entrants Only


  1. Margaret GALLAGHER says:

    Italy would be great

  2. Emma says:

    Mexico would be pretty cool!

  3. Cherry Edwards says:

    The Ukrainian snacks look interesting, it’s a hard choice though, they mostly all look fab. The only ones I know I wouldn’t enjoy are the American ones because I don’t like the taste of their chocolate

  4. Annette Oliver says:


  5. Lorraine Stone says:

    SOUTH AFRICAN sounds great, what about Vietnam?

  6. Helen Moulden says:

    I’d like to try some Italian snacks!

  7. Sarah Mackay says:

    Love to try some Brazilian snacks

  8. rachel golden says:

    mmm they all sound delish! i think south african would be nice to try

  9. Amanda says:

    I love to try the Italian snacks

  10. Rachael Ashmore says:

    I would love to try the Italian one yummy

  11. Sue McCarthy says:

    Anything would be lovely as long as they are veggie

  12. PenoirB says:

    Definitely the South African box as my OH is a saffa and he tells me their snacks are so much better than the UK, I need to evidence to back up his claims!

  13. Stevie says:

    I would like to try Aussie vegemite on toast.

  14. Brenda M says:

    Being from Zimbabwe (bordering country of South Africa) this is the perfect snack box for me! No other country needed!

  15. emma walters says:

    japanse is alway fun!

  16. LYNN HEATH says:

    The box of snacks from Japan looked fun! I would like to have tried some of the hello panda snacks

  17. Sheena Batey says:

    The South African ones sound intriguing so that’s what I would choose

  18. Solange says:

    I love American snacks.

  19. lynn savage says:

    I’d love to try the snacks of Brazil

  20. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Japan’s snacks

  21. Laura Jeffs says:

    Would love to try Italian snacks!!

  22. Ooo i don’t know. Thinking my sister would enjoy these. Um maybe Australia…i remember their snacks being scrum x

  23. Allan Wilson says:

    France would be a good one

  24. Mary says:

    I’d love to try Japanese snacks

  25. Jayne Townson says:

    America would be good. Thanks for running this lovely giveaway.

  26. Harriet says:


  27. carole n says:

    would love to try Japanese snacks

  28. Kim Neville says:

    Would like to try the Italian

  29. Theresa Alison says:

    America <3

  30. Leila Benhamida says:


  31. LAURA WHEATLEY says:

    my daughter keeps saying she wants to try japanese sweets as she has seen them on youtube

  32. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Japanese snacks

  33. Christine Lockley says:

    I’d love to try the Italian

  34. Jane Willis says:

    I’d like to try snacks from some South American countries like Brazil or Chile

  35. Katie says:


  36. Kim M says:

    Italy I think – love their wafer biscuits x

  37. Hayley Robson says:

    Australian would be fab!

  38. Margaret Clarkson says:


  39. Rachel Craig says:

    I would like to try the snacks from South Africa. As I have a friend who lives there with his family. He lived and grew up in the UK. Work took him to South Africa where he met the woman he later married, after bringing her to meet and visit with my family. He recommends South African food.

    I’d also like to try Italian snacks. I do love their ice cream. Maybe their snacks are just as Delicious!

  40. Chantal says:

    South Africa’s as I really miss the taste of home

  41. jo liddement says:

    The Japanese snacks sound a bit different

  42. Sheri Darby says:

    Italian please

  43. Sarah Ann says:

    I’d love to try snacks from Mexico!

  44. Rebecca Nisbet says:

    Greek snacks would be yum!!

  45. pete c says:

    some from France

  46. JULIE WARD says:

    The Japanese snacks sound good

  47. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) says:

    Any country that I visit I like to try their food. Maybe Caribbean snacks.

  48. Libby Noack says:

    South African sounds great 🙂

  49. Lauren Old says:


  50. Andrea A says:

    I’d like to try snacks from Australia

  51. i would love to see more eastern inspired snacks like turkish, persian, lebanese etc

  52. Diana says:

    Mexico 🙂

  53. Kat Allinson says:

    I would love to try Mexican snacks

  54. Sirley Young says:


  55. Andrew Hindley says:

    Would love to try these South African Snacks

  56. Claire Tovey says:

    South African would be great

  57. Angela Kelly says:

    I’m a total geography nerd, so sampling snacks from far away sounds great to me! I’d try snacks from anywhere, so long as they weren’t too oniony!

  58. Samantha R says:

    I love American and Japanese snacks.

  59. ellie spider says:

    indian would be great 😀

  60. Stevie Fairbairn says:

    I would like to explore snacks from around Mexico.

  61. Jo McPherson says:

    I’d like to try the Japanese ones

  62. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    I would personally love to try snacks from India

  63. Chris J says:

    Italian food is yummy!

  64. Tee simpson says:

    Snacks from Japan sound lovely

  65. Ema J Lowe says:

    would love to try some snacks from china

  66. A S,Edinburgh says:

    I’m so happy to see South African snacks being featured; they were my first pick before this box was announced! I’d also like to try Australian, American, Chinese and Mexican ones.

  67. Rich Tyler says:

    Japan & America 🙂

  68. Hannah Whitehead says:

    I love to try them all. I just like trying new things.

  69. Sadiyya Maryam says:

    They all look so interesting to try especially Italy.

  70. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Ive just been on the website and the ITALIAN snacks are right up our street!!!

  71. Sarah Austin says:

    Sounds great – would love to try!

  72. Karen Richards says:

    Would love to try Italy

  73. A.E. ADKINS says:

    Japanese would be our choice please although the American one might put the boys off chocolate for a while – Hersheys eurgh!

  74. I’m American and have lived in Japan, so I think I’ll go with something else. The Mexican ones could be nice to try.

  75. Katy Malkin says:

    Something a bit different. Ethiopian restaurants are lovely so perhaps there!

  76. M Allen says:

    Germany – they’ll be meaty

  77. Chris Fletcher says:

    I’ve had some Mexican sweets before and they were covered in chilli, they were so hot! Was quite funny giving them to people and watching their expressions! Would love some more from there

  78. Derek Wilson says:

    Japan – they have some weird and wonderful versions of the world’s best-known snacks.

  79. Judith Allen says:

    This South African one looks tasty, Mexican or Japanese would be good too.

  80. Victoria Prince says:

    I’d love to try Australian things! So many countries snacks I’d love to explore, actually South Africa would be high on my list so it’s fantastic that is actually what’s on offer!

  81. jen lloyd says:

    Mexican would be nice

  82. Natalie Crossan says:

    France – i love french food

  83. Fiona jk42 says:

    I’m always intrigued by Japanese sweets and snacks, they typically have such interesting wrappers. Though not sure I want to try a chocolate bar called “Plopp”!

  84. Japan as they are so different!

  85. Dawn Samples says:

    I would like to try Mexican snacks as it’s not something you see in shops over here x

  86. I’d love to try South African because I doubt I’d have tasted the items before.

  87. Natalie Gillham says:

    French would be a change

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