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10 Ideas How Parents Can Reduce Kids Screen Time

screen time child on a tablet

*This is a collaborative post.

Today’s children are growing up in the age of technology, where everything is electronic. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices provide children with easy access to games, social media and instant messaging services like Facebook Messenger. 

While these technologies can benefit parents and kids alike (for example, by allowing them to communicate easily), they can also be unhealthy if used excessively.

screen time child on a tablet

Here Are 10 Ideas How Parents Can Reduce Kids Screen Time

Monitor Use Of Apps

Apps are a big part of many children’s lives, but they can also become a huge distraction when used excessively ie too much screen time. In addition, many games and social media apps have in-app purchases that cost money, which is why it is important for parents to check these regularly and block inappropriate contents on the iPhone or Android phone that violate their rules before real damage is done.

Ban all phones and tablets from the bedroom – No Screen Time

Most parents ban their children from using technology after a certain time at night, but do they remove their devices from their children’s rooms? Having a phone or tablet visible in the bedroom can lead kids to constantly think about it during off-time. Make sure your child cannot see his/her device while going to bed by keeping them stored in another room or in a drawer.

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Set limits on screen time activities

Decide how much time (e.g., one hour per day) your child is allowed to spend with his/her device and stick to that limit every day. This will allow your child to develop a healthy relationship with technology since he/she does not have the opportunity to spend too much time on it.

Make sure kids get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is exceptionally imperative for both adults and children alike. Unfortunately, most children do not get enough sleep nowadays due to late bedtimes caused by devices being in the bedroom. If your child is using their device prior to bedtime, try moving it out of his/her room for an hour before bedtime to allow him/her to fall asleep more easily.

Be a good role model

If you want your kids not to use technology so much, you should not sit in front of a PC or tablet all day yourself either! Try to avoid using your own device when spending time with your daughter. By showing that you are not glued to your technology, your child will be less likely to use devices excessively.

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Reduce device usage during meals

Having family mealtimes is important to spend time with each other, but constant attention on devices can mean nobody actually socializes! Turn off all devices at mealtimes and try to spend as much time as possible eating together. Although it can be difficult, you will be surprised by how quickly your children appreciate this.

Set a good example

By making sure that you spend time away from technology, your children will learn the importance of ‘real life’ activities like playing sports or reading books. Turn off all devices at least one day per week (e.g., on Sundays) where you do not use them at all and see what happens; You might be surprised by how much extra time you have!

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